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KME Toyota 300 Series - Second Stage Manufacturing

A commercial fit out, exempt from luxury car taxes, undertaken prior to picking up your new car from a Toyota dealership. SSM Application underway - watch this space!

All vehicles come with the following standard inclusions:

 - Nudge Bar

 - Upgraded Suspension (+50mm)

 - GVM Upgrade to 4,000 kg

 - Roof Rack

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KME Toyota 300 Series Fit Out: Projects

Vehicle Options

1. Choose your base model 300 Series variant:

  • GX

  • GXL

  • VX

  • Sahara

2. Choose your KME variant (number of seats):

  • Strzlecki (2) or                  Automatic Inclusion: HDPE 1/2 Shell

  • Tanami   (5)                      Automatic Inclusions: Cargo Barrier + Toolboxes

Note: the GR Sport and Sahara ZX are not yet available due to the complexity associated with the suspension modifications to these vehicles.

KME Toyota 300 Series Fit Out: Text


Base Toyota Variant           GX            GXL           VX                Sahara         

      Tanami (5 Seater)      $94,000     $103,000    $112,000      $125,000      

Strezlecki (2 Seater)     $98,000     $107,000   $116,000     $129,000

KME Toyota 300 Series Fit Out: Image

Further Vehicle Additions

Once your Toyota variant and KME variant are chosen then you can further customise your vehicle to meet your needs:

  • Multi-fit H-Rack + $1000

  • Toolboxes + $3000*

  • Cargo Barrier + $1000*

  • HDPE 1/2 Shell + $1000^


*Already included as standard in the 5-Seater variant.

^Already included as standard in the 2-Seater variant.

KME Toyota 300 Series Fit Out: Text
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