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GVM Upgrades - NOW AVAILABLE - $3,990

Discover Our Expertise Certifying Your Vehicle Solutions

Omega Vehicle Certifications offers a specialist engineering certification service for GVM upgrades and modifications in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. This service provides you with the compliance paperwork required to get your vehicle legally registered at your increased weight. Additionally this covers your insurance and safety requirements.


Don't risk being overweight on the roads!

One of our most common services and easily and quickly completed in most cases, making sure you avoid any roadworthiness issues. A standard GVM upgrade will cost $3990.

Common vehicle upgrades:

TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 300 Series: from 3,280 kg to 4,000 kg or 4,200 kg*

TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 200 Series: from 3,300 kg to 4,200 kg

TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 100 Series: from 3,180/ 3,260 kg to 3,500/3,580 kg or 3,900 kg*

TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 80 Series: from 2,960 kg to 3,350 kg

TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 70 Series: from 3,300 kg to 4,200 kg

(includes 75, 76, 78 & 79 Series)

TOYOTA LANDCRUISER Prado 120 Series: from 2,990 kg to 3,400 kg

TOYOTA LANDCRUISER Prado 150 Series: from 3,000 kg to 3,500 kg

TOYOTA HILUX (KZN & KUN Variants): from 3,000 kg to 3,300 kg


from 3,000 kg to 3,500 kg

NISSAN PATROL Y61: from 3,040 kg to 3,300 kg

NISSAN PATROL Y62: from 3,500 kg to 3,680 kg or 4,200 kg*

MAZDA BT-50: from 3,200 kg to 3,500kg

DODGE Ram 1500: from 3,450 kg to 3,800 kg

DODGE Ram 2500: from 4,495 kg to 5,000 kg

ISUZU D-Max: from 3,050kg to 3,450kg

CHEVEROLET Silverado 1500: from 3,300/3,221 kg to 3,700 kg

CHEVEROLET Silverado 2500: from 4,491 kg to 5,500 kg

FORD Ranger: Coming Soon!

Holden Colorado: Coming Soon!

*Denotes additional modifications needed

The GVM upgrade process includes the following:

Finite Element Analysis of key vehicle components - Thorough Vehicle Brake and ESC Testing - Individual Vehicle Compliance Checks

Depending on your vehicle make, model and variant type, we may need it for several days to complete the suite of inspections and tests required.

All modified vehicles are provided with mod decal to be applied adjacent to the compliance plate of the vehicle.


ATM Upgrades - starting from $2,990

Do you have a caravan or camper trailer that's a overweight - or do you just want a little more breathing room when you travel. Many vans are able to carry more weight with limited physical changes needed. Send in your caravan details for immediate feedback, or book in for an assessment for a full inspection.

Truck Topper Installation

BTC & GCM Upgrades - from $1,990

Currently, SA permits upgrades to BTC (but does not recognise GCM), and currently WA permits GCM increases (but not BTC). NT does not permit either for light vehicles. Please contact us with any enquiries.

GVM Upgrades: Services

Suspension Kits!

Omega Operations + West Coast Suspensions

Omega Operations and West Coast Suspensions have been partners on a number of projects over the last couple of years, and now this relationship is cemented further, with Omega being the first supplier of WCS Kits to the Northern Territory.

You can now purchase a Suspension Kit + have a certified GVM Upgrade for $4,990. If you find a cheaper alternative with a competitor then present us your quote and we will beat it by $200.

You can complete the install yourself or you can book in with your local mechanic.

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